5 Cost-effective ways of promoting new business


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By; Fatima Binta Muktar

The idea of launching a new product is very overwhelming. You can easily start on a running pace, provided you utilize the integrated marketing communications effectively, to maximize impact and create a wider reach at a minimal cost.

Remember your aim is to make profit, so do not get carried away by emptying your startup revenue for tricky promotions.

Embrace cost effectiveness during promotions, and make choices that best suit your locality. Customer-focus is key. Remember customer is always a KING.

This way, you can nudge in the right direction.

To push clients towards jumping on your business .The following essential promotion tips will help a great deal.

1) Promotions should be planned In advance: Prepare a calendar for varieties of events in advance. Planning different promotion strategies in advance for a digital releases, via your website, social-media, multi-media (print, audio-visual platforms) is a smart way to penetrate in business.

Before your business becomes publicly available, Start hyping up your users who have benefited from it, for instance sharing their firsthand experience, and how they enjoyed it. For you to be taken seriously in the existing industry by key players, you need to put extra effort by building your clientele profile in advance.

2) Ask Influencers to Vouch for It: Getting influencers within your niche to talk about your business. Simply by making them the first to access your exclusive service. Before the general public use it.
This is also given for free. Offer certain influencer’s free access to your product before anyone else can use it.

3) Ask People for Reviews: Build a solid line of positive reviews from your clients as they patronize your service. Clients’ positive opinions about your business are very important.
Offer clients small incentives, i.e branded pen, hand towel, face cap, key holder, or notes or a limited time discount to sway them into writing a positive reviews. Ask credible people on social media. It will boost people’s trust and for their needs. Continue to deliver a positive experience, so that your business can continue to write positive reviews. Even past clients would share their positive reviews.

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4) Offer limited Promotional Deal: Offer a special promotional deal that is only available for a limited time. This will definitely spur excitement and create a sense of urgency in prospective clients, and are likely to act on the promotion very quickly. Immediately after creating the deal, post for multimedia release including social media, Google ads for a wider reach. That way you can also create a viral impact. For instance, airlines have successfully applied this promotion strategy, and it has really worked putting pressures on passengers to buy tickets earlier and stocking tickets up than needed at times.

5) Engaging Content to Sway People: Engaging and concise content that resonates with target audience through multimedia; i.e. (videos, info graphics or Slide Share presentations) are very important to promote a business.
These are more interesting ways to reach out to target audience and continue building more clients and retaining the existing ones. Your business can consider video marketing strategy. Ensure it is short, captivating and instructional. Showcase useful information about your business in a more engaging and exciting way.
Target audience can visualize specific data in a matter of minutes via info graphics, slide shares and videos, as people are too busy to stay for long time.

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