…And Sen. Mamora Smiles Again!

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When the nominees’ list of ministerial appointees came out, many were surprised at his name on the much-awaited list.

As a former Lagos lawmaker, and eventually the Speaker of the vibrant Lagos State House of Assembly, the medical doctor-cum-politician is now in the Federal presence as a Minister to be. Senator Adeleke Mamora is a man to be reckoned with in the consciousness of those who matter.

Perhaps, his eminence is being played out, given his silent operation in the state he has tallied on with. He may just be on the trail as the fair-weather politician, and his portfolio is now better imagined.

Whatever portfolio he is given, he sure deserves it, and the Isonyi-Ogun-State-born politician will be the one to celebrate in days to come. As a former Speaker of LSHA, he is poised to add value to the nation’s economic well-being.

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