El-Zakzaky: IMN leader seeking escape route from justice – Group warns

A civil society organisation has alleged that the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, plans to escape from India.

The Advocates of Social Justice For All (ASJA) reacting to the refusal of El-Zakzaky adhere to medical advises in India since he was flown there for treatment said this is a ploy by the IMN leader to escape route from justice.

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Calling on El-Zakzaky to accept treatment, complete the treatment and return home to face justice the group advised the government to immediately exploit diplomatic channels, particularly with India and the other countries that he could transit through to arrive in Iran.

Speaking to journalists on Wednesday, August 14, the president of ASJA, Venatius Asogo, Nigerians must equally not lose sight that 186 Shia doctors from Pakistan, India, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq had written a letter to the federal government asking that El-Zakzaky to be flown abroad for multidisciplinary treatment without specifying a destination country.

Asogo said the implication of the letter, even at a time the Indian trip has been finalized, is that they plan to route the IMN leader through any of six countries before ultimately smuggling him into Iran.

He said: “With these backgrounds, we are worried about the stories emanating from India since El-Zakzaky and his wife arrived in that country.”

Urging the federal government to take immediate measures to guard against a fast move from the IMN leader, Asogo said, this will include approaches to amend the leave the court had granted him for El-Zakzaky’s ravel.

“We advise that the government immediately exploit diplomatic channels, particularly with India and the other countries that he could transit through to arrive in Iran.”

“The message must be put out there for countries to know not to provide refuge or passage that El-Zakzaky is seeking in order arrive in Iran and from that country send messages to radicalize their youths and instill extreme religious views in the population,” Asogo said.

ASJA further warned countries that are dispose to be tolerant of such actions in pursuit of political correctness that making intervention for El-Zakzaky is at the same level with embracing fire to their bosoms.

“Their countries will eventually be contaminated by the sectarian extremism that the suspect has promoted in his bid to destabilize Nigeria. Specifically, the United States, the United Kingdom and European Union are warned that El-Zakzaky is the leader of a designated terror group in Nigeria.”

“The youths of these nations will pay the price of being radicalized should they make the mistake of packaging the IMN leader as a victim,” Asogo concluded.

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