How to start recharge card printing business with a little capital

How to start recharge card printing business in Nigeria with a little capital

Today you don’t have to attend any seminar before you can venture into recharge card printing business in Nigeria. Recharge card printing business is a business you can start from the comfort of your home if you have the require materials. The following are the major things that you really need before you can venture into recharge card printing business.

  1. A Desktop or a Laptop computer
  2. A printer
  3. Papers
  4. Software
  5. E-mail address
  6. Internet connection
  7. Your startup capital
  8. Desktop or Laptop computer: For you to venture into recharge card printing business you need Desktop or Laptop computer. It is really better for you to purchase your personal computer than to use a cybercafé for the business. If you cannot purchase a new computer you can purchase a fairly used computer that is okay.
  9. Getting a Printer: Printer is also very important in recharge card printing business. You can purchase a coloured printer or even a black and white printer. This printer will be connected to the computer to print out the pins which are in A3 or A4 papers.
  10. The Papers: Another compulsory material you need in recharge card printer business is papers. This papers will be use to print out the pins. These papers can be A3 or A4 papers.
  11. The software: For you to venture into recharge card printing, the recharge card printing software is very important because the dealer will send you the pin number you paid for in encrypt form where the pin will be coded with the serial number. It is the duty of the software to separate the pin from the serial number and for you to understand the pin and print them out. The software is a universal software that can print all networks.
  12. E-mail address: The reason why you need an e-mail address is because if for instance you live in a far distance the dealer can send you the pin through your e-mail address wherever you are.
  13. Internet connection: You need an internet connection for you to access the pin from your E-mail address.
  14. The startup capital: One good thing about this recharge card printing business is that is a business you can even start with a little capital. With a minimum of #5,000 you can start purchasing the pin from the dealers to print the vouchers. Don’t forget that in any business it is your input that will determine your output so the more you invest in the business the more profit you will make.
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