Yoruba youths mock Afenifere faction for misleading Nigerians over VP Osinbajo’s comment

Yoruba youth group has mocked the breakaway faction of pan-Yoruba socio-political organisation, Afenifere, for deliberately trying to mislead Nigerians by quoting Vice President Yemi Osinbajo out of context.

The Yoruba Youth Vanguard at a press conference in Abeokuta on Wednesday said that the Afenifere group did not represent the interest of the Yorubas but of certain old men who were after personal gains.

Leader of the group, Akomolafe Kolawole explained that if truly Afenifere represented the interest of Yoruba, they would not take the lead in misleading Nigerians on comments from Prof. Osinbajo, a true Omoluabi.

Kolawole stressed that Afenifere was not worth listening to because they had sold their soul to the devil and highest bidder.

“Afenifere, as we know it today especially Yinka Odunmakin do not represent the interest of the Yorubas in anyway, they are only speaking for their stomachs and pockets, they have since lost relevance and anything they say or do should be disregarded,” he said.

Kolawole explained that the Afenifere leaders were only motivated by corruption and that since the Vice President is a honest and truthful person, they were trying hard to tarnish his image.

“For students of history, you will agree with me that Afenifere have been working tirelessly to tarnish the image of Prof. Osinbajo because he is bigger and better than all of them collectively.

“They do not like the fact that his popularity among Yorubas and Nigerians generally is soaring, so therefore they try to drag him down but unfortunately he is man that God has blessed, no man not even Afenifere can curse him,” he added.

Kolawole then read what the Vice President said to the Nigerian community in New York during a Town Hall meeting on Sunday.

Here’s what Prof. Osinbajo said, “I really will urge that you don’t rely entirely for information on social media. I think that the social media tends to be hysterical about practically everything.

“I think there is also a lot of politics involved in some of the information as it comes up. I think it is also important to point out that this new wave of issues of security came immediately after the elections.

“And there is always a connection between this issue of security and elections because many times, politicians’ arm several of these individuals during the electioneering period, and immediately after an election cycle, many of them, having nothing to do and with arms all over the place, resort to the fastest way of making money which is to abduct somebody and ask for a ransom. And that is just one side of the problem.

“But let me dimension it so that you can really understand it better.

“When people say there is security problem here and there, it is not one thing, it is several different things but if it is described as one thing then it will look bigger than it really is. And I am deeply worried about the fact that we might find ourselves unable to resolve these problems unless we drill down to see what the problems are.”

“With respect to general kidnapping which we have seen in certain parts of the country, again this is not entirely new. When you listen to some of the stories, some of them are simply not true anyway.

“Some are fueled by politics, but there are cases of kidnapping, there is no question at all about that….and every story we try to track and trace. When you track them, you find out that people just tell some stories, but the truth anyway is that there is kidnapping in places where it has taken place.

“The way to check it is the work we are doing with State governments namely using technology to track cases. These are economic crimes; if people know that they will be caught, and they will not be allowed to get away with their loot, it will stop in the places where it is taking place.

“That is really the work we are doing with the State governments. We are doing this in the various zones where we see that there are a rash of incidents. We are trying to put in place trackers and all sorts of other equipment that can be used to locate these criminals.

“I am not so sure how many follow the number of arrests that have been made in different state police commands, several have been made. I don’t think the problem is as massive as that, I think we can deal with the question of kidnapping quite easily. I am sure that not so long a time, the news will be a lot better in terms of kidnapping and we will feel more comfortable about life at home.”

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